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LIGNE ST BARTH cosmetic line was founded in one of the most gorgeous Island in the French Caribbean: St. Barthélemy. The Brins, founder of the company, were descendants of the Arawak Indians. They built the company merging their ancestors’ knowledge on benefic effects of flowers and fruits from the Caribbean with latest production technologies, achieving original and high quality results. Exclusive treatments, beauty elixir, exotic scents that evoke Caribbean dreams. The wide range of Ligne St Barth products is handcrafted in the heart of the Carribean with ingredients coming from sourrounding islands. The natural ingredients are extracted from selected friuts and plants to offer a concentration of benefic properties that suit all skin types. The formulations are inspired by the Arawak ancent recipes based on their deep knowledge of plants' therapeutical effects, which is nowadays recognised also by modern science. Technology is then used to carry on strict quality and dermatological tests according to highest standards.

44,00 €

Thanks to the clever combination of natural active properties, this cleansing milk thoroughly, yet gently, cleanses the skin. The aloe vera, mango butter and calendula oil soothe and soften the...

47,00 €

Ligne St Barth Conditioner Cotton Milk and Jasmine. Leave for one minute to take effect, then comb through hair using a wide-tooth comb, before rinsing off the conditioner.

76,00 €

Cream Musk with green clay and pineapple 50gr This face mask also soothes slightly irritated skin and helps to strengthen skin tissue. The pineapple enzymes assist cell renewal.

33,00 €

Ligne St Barth Extra Mild Shower gel. A very mild liquid soap, which contains cleansing plant extracts and nourishing coconut oil. It is also cooling and refreshing and can be used as a foam bath.

90,00 €

Ligne St Barth Fleur de canne eau de toilette 50ml. A wonderfully clean and fresh smelling fragrance from the Isle of Saint Barthelemy in the French Caribbean!

90,00 €

Ligne St Barth Fleur de Gingembre eau de toilette 50ml. Ligne St. Barth is a line of exotic fragrances from the island of Saint Barthelemy, located in the French Caribbean. Fleur de Gingembre...

90,00 €

Ligne St Barth Les Alizes eau de toilette 50ml. Les alizés are the breezes typical to the Caribbean, which are evoked by this fragrance, with its wonderful top notes of refreshing lemon combined...

90,00 €

Ligne St Barth Ouanalao eau de toilette 50ml. Ouanalao is the original Indian name for Saint Barthélemy, where you will be transported by this exquisite and tropical fragrance, with its fresh and...

70,00 €

Peeling Cream with papaya 50gr.Restores the skin’s youthful shine. Papaya’s natural enzymes and fruit acids help remove dead skin cells. The vitamin E combats free radicals, while the jojoba wax...

57,00 €

Relaxing Body Oil canphora & menthol 200ml. When massaged into the skin, this oil with camphor and menthol activates blood circulation to relax muscles, tension and cramping. Also usable as...

42,00 €

Ligne St Barth Roucou Oil 125ml SPF4. Clever combination of high quality plant oils to accelerate tanning; for skin types that tan easily. Excellent mosquito repellent. Roucou oil can also be used...

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